M A O L M H I N 

 Sorry NO pups & / or Adults available, however, I have


 litters planned in the 2nd half of 2020
http://www.maolmhin.com/media/gif_btpreg.gif                   http://www.maolmhin.com/media/gif_btpreg.gif

 Maolmhin Bullies & Minis are sold only as PETS & COMPANIONS

They are registered with DogsSA, pedigreed, pure-bred & 100% yours
only come with LIMITED pedigree papers ~ NO exceptions


Occasionally I have young pups and/or young adults
looking for PERMANENT homes & very occasionally
I have older dogs / bitches that have been retired from
breeding and/or showing who are looking to become the
centre of attention & a spoilt couch potato !!

Please check back on a regular basis for
puppy / adult availability or call me :)

DIANE  0 4 3 2 ~ 8 6 6 ~ 5 2 8 

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D I A N E   C U T H B E R T
~ M A O L M H I N ~
 Bull Terriers & Bull Terriers (miniature)

 MOBILE:  0432~866~528   E~MAIL[email protected]